Month: November 2016

Development Permits – Nov. 2016

Applications for the following Development Permits have been Approved: Permit No.  2016-D0163 Zoning:  Rural Use Location:  NNE-22-66-22-W4 Type:  Major Home Occupation – Automotive Repair & Parts Sales Permit No. 2016-D0166 Zoning:  Agricultural Use Location:  SE-26-67-19-W4 Type:  Rural Industry – Fuel Delivery & Heavy Truck Repair Permit No. 2016-D0167 Zoning:  Agricultural Use Location:  NE-35-66-24-W4 Type:  95…

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Unauthorized clearing of underdeveloped right-of-ways

Athabasca County is committed to working with agricultural producers to ensure proper access to their land and maintenance of fence lines. Over time, undeveloped right-of-ways grow-in and may require brushing or clearing. In order to facilitate this work, and ensure the best results, a formal request for any clearing or brushing along County right-of-ways is required….

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Temporary Camping Bylaw defeated

Second Reading of Temporary Camping Bylaw defeated by Council After considering input received from residents of Athabasca County, the proposed Temporary Camping Bylaw will not be moving forward. The bylaw was brought to Athabasca County Council’s Regular Meeting on Thursday, November 24, for consideration of Council. A motion made for the second reading of the…

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