Unauthorized clearing of underdeveloped right-of-ways

Athabasca County is committed to working with agricultural producers to ensure proper access to their land and maintenance of fence lines.

Over time, undeveloped right-of-ways grow-in and may require brushing or clearing. In order to facilitate this work, and ensure the best results, a formal request for any clearing or brushing along County right-of-ways is required.

Approval for clearing, at the landowner’s expense, may be granted after the following items are taken into consideration:

  • Adjoining landowner concerns
  • Presence of merchantable timber
  • Presence of utilities
  • Disposal of solid materials
  • Re-contouring of disturbed soil
  • Alberta Agriculture & Forestry approval

Individuals who carry out unauthorized clearing of right-of-ways will be subject to fines of up to $25,000 by Alberta Agriculture & Forestry under the Alberta Forests Act. For further information, County Policy 3521 – Clearing of Undeveloped Road Allowance/Road Plan is available for review on the County website or by hardcopy at the County office.

Please direct any clearing requests to the Infrastructure Services Department


Infrastructure Services Department

Athabasca County

3602 – 48 Avenue

Athabasca, AB  T9S 1M8


Phone:  (780) 675-2273 | 1-844-662-2273

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