Athabasca County Council welcomes those wishing to speak directly with them at various meetings held to conduct County business.


In presenting to Council we ask that a spokesperson be designated to share with Council the purpose of your visit and any related information. Delegations are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to complete their presentation.

Direct your presentation to Council, be courteous and polite and remember the meeting is not a debate. Council members may ask questions of you about your presentation. If making a request, or waiting for a decision, be aware that Council may wish to contemplate your information before responding or require further information before making a decision.


Your name, and that of your delegation, will be published in the agenda for the meeting and will appear online and will be distributed to all sitting around the Council table.

Any related information will be included in the County Council agenda package.

A projector and screen is available in Council chambers for the use of delegations. The recommended format for slideshows is a PDF with a range of pages, or a presentation created with Microsoft Powerpoint. The Recording Secretary will ask you for your presentation 7 days prior to the meeting date.


Athabasca County has a Delegation/Presentation Form that we ask all those interested in speaking with Council to fill out. It gathers pertinent information from you about the topic in which you want to speak with Council about. It can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the link below and submitting it our Administration Office in Athabasca.

A member of the Administration Office may be in touch with you to clarify information about your presentation. Please completely fill out the contact information on the form.