Weed Inspections Underway

Athabasca County works with property owners to help control the spread of weeds along municipal roads and on private property.

Weed inspectors and spray crews are out working with landowners to control infestations and the spot spraying of weeds is taking place along municipal right of ways.

The spread of weed species creates decreased yields in crops and pasture because they compete with vegetation for light, water, and nutrients. They have also been found to host diseases and insects, can be toxic to humans and livestock, create visibility issues along roads and can become a fire hazard.

Our Agricultural Services Department offers help identifying weed species and can provide recommendations to deal with infestations.

A Weed Control Brochure, with descriptions and photos of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds is available to assist you determine if they are present on land you own. If an infestation is present Athabasca County offers a Weed Control Incentive Program to assist.

We also rent various pieces of equipment to assist property owners in controlling weed infestations.

Property owners can also apply to the County’s Weed Control Incentive Program for further assistance. Application forms are available from our website. Just look for a link on our homepage.