Verified Beef Workshop – Athabasca

Canadian beef is a high quality product, recognized internationally for its excellence. Increasingly the food industry is using “sustainability” as a way to market products to consumers who are looking to make environmentally conscious purchases. This means the industry has to prove it standards.

To demonstrate the industry’s commitment to safe food and safe production practices, and to keep the industry competitive, Alberta beef producers are encouraged to register for the voluntary Verified Beef Production Program and become certified through this course.

To take this course online costs $50, take advantage of this opportunity to get it for free. Register early as this workshop is likely to hit capacity.


$10/person for a supper ticket at the door. Cash only please!


Call Roxanne at Athabasca County at 780-675-2273 to register before Feb 11, 2020.

Event Sponsors

Verified Beef Production Plus
Highway 2 Conservation
Athabasca County
Athabasca District Agricultural Society