Safe Snow Clearing

Avoid Pushing Snow onto Roads

It may seem harmless enough, but when you push snow across a road surface into the opposite ditch, or directly onto roads, you may be putting your friends and neighbours at risk. When the tires of a vehicle encounter the ridges left on the road from snow being pushed across it, or they hit piles of snow deliberately placed on the road, it can cause the driver to lose control.

The County’s Traffic Bylaw 009-2018, Section C, subsections 1, 2 and 3 refer to causing damage to roads, creating an obstruction on a road, and pushing snow, dirt or any other material from a property or ditch across a roadway.

The bylaw is not only in place to protect the condition of the roads but sets guidelines to increase safety for the driving public. Quite simply, when the driving surface is altered in some way, safety is affected.

Keeping the snow on your own property is a safer option for everyone. Athabasca County asks that all property owners remember this when clearing snow this winter.