Jackfish/Camping Lake Fire Update May 24th

  • The Jackfish/Camping Lake fire is still being held. Hot spots remain around the area and will take time and labour to deem the fire as under control.
  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has crews and equipment on the ground. County crews remain on site fighting the fire.
  • Helicopters remain dedicated to the site bucketing the fire.
  • The prepare to evacuate notice for the area will remain in effect until the fire is deemed under control. An update will be made once the notice is lifted.
  • The Fire Ban remains in effect. This includes a ban on any open fires and propane or natural gas-powered appliances that create an open flame on public or private land. Only propane and natural gas-powered appliances with an enclosed flame (such as propane or gas barbeques) are permitted for cooking only. The use of off-highway vehicles for recreational purposes on all public land within Athabasca County is prohibited.
Thank you to the County public works crews and volunteer firefighters that continue to battle this fire. The work that you do is greatly appreciated.