Invasive Weed – Woolly Burdock

Woolly Burdock was first found in Athabasca County about five years ago and producers are reminded to call the County’s Agriculture Services Department if plants are found.

A biennial member of the Aster family, Woolly Burdock produces a mounding rosette of leaves in the first season of growth and a large, cylindrical taproot.

In the second year of growth it produces a flowering stalk, and then dies. It tends to occupy sites with disturbed ground. Flowering occurs from July to October. Stems can grow to a length of 250 cm and are branched.

Woolly Burdock reproduces by seed only. The burred seed is easily dispersed by human and animal movement.

For more information about Woolly Burdock visit: or contact the Athabasca County Agriculture Services Department.