Grassland Road Work Begins This Week

Athabasca County is beginning work on three roads near or within Grassland today. The work is to improve drainage by cleaning the ditches along the roads and improving the surface of the roads.

There are four roads that will see work take place:

Peper Road

Clean ditch along both sides of RR 183 north to improve drainage, install heavy wall culvert on Peper Road, and build-up road grade


49 Street

Install heavy wall culverts, build-up road grade to support heavy truck traffic


47 Street

Install heavy wall culverts, build-up road grade, extend 51 Avenue to join onto RR 183 to improve access for heavy trucks accessing services

Thank you for your cooperation and patience while this work takes place!



If you are travelling any of the roads affected by this work please do the following:

  • Reduce your speed around work crews and equipment
  • Watch for any direction given by flag people
  • Take an alternate route if possible to avoid the work areas


Estimated completion of this work is approximately two weeks pending good construction conditions.


Please contact the Athabasca County Administration Office, Infrastructure Services Department, if you have any questions or concerns about this work taking place.

780-675-2273  |  1-844-662-2273  |