Fundraising Opportunity – Hamlet & Roadway Cleanup

Athabasca County provides community groups and/or individuals the opportunity to obtain funding by conducting the Hamlet & Roadway Cleanup for the municipality.

This is an incentive program to enhance the appearance of our Hamlets and certain roadways and at the same time, help community members to raise money.

The clean up areas and rates are set as follows:


  • Al-Pac Connector Roads

– North of Hwy 55 (12 miles) $150/mile

– West of Hwy 63 (4 miles) $150/mile

  • Century Road (3 miles) & Aspen Ridge Road (1 mile) $600
  • Hamlets of Caslan, Colinton, Grassland, Rochester & Wandering River $600/each
  • Hamlets of Atmore, Breynat, Ellscott, Meanook & Perryvale $300/each



Please forward your letter of request, indicating a specific hamlet or roadway to be cleaned, to Athabasca County for consideration by Friday, April 19, 2024.

Hamlet & Roadway Cleanup Program

Athabasca County

3602-48 Ave., Athabasca, Alberta T9S 1M8

or Fax to: 780-675-5512


The full roadside and hamlet clean-up policy can be viewed by visiting our website and looking for a link on the homepage or by calling our office for more information.