Get FireSmart

Our region is densely forested and wildfire is a potential threat to any property in the County. FireSmart brings together all levels of government, industry, fire departments, and most importantly, residents, to mitigate and educate about wildfire risks. This approach utilizes a variety of tools including policy, landscape management, and construction best practices. Athabasca County is establishing FireSmart with two initiatives, free home assessments and the sale of sprinkler protection kits.

Home Assessments

Once you register for an assessment either by clicking the button below or phoning Fire Services, a FireSmart inspector will contact you to confirm an appointment time. Inspectors are specially trained firefighters and will evaluate your property for things that would put it at increased risk during a wildfire event. Assessments take about 1.5 to 3 hours and you will be provided with a complete electronic or paper copy of the assessment.



Sprinkler Protection Kits

County Fire Departments are also offering home sprinkler kits for purchase. During a wildfire event sprinklers will spray your roof and surrounding landscape  to help suppress fire on your property. Each kit comes with 2 360 degree sprinklers and two lengths of 25 foot garden hose. The sprinklers are designed to be mounted to gutters with a broom handle, painter’s pole, or other implement. Alternatively they can be mounted to fencing or fascia with an included bracket. Kits are available for $175 each and proceeds go directly to local fire departments.

To purchase a sprinkler kit or book an assessment, call Fire Services at 780-675-2273.

This video demonstrates the importance of landscaping on wildfire mitigation. The difference in durability of the structures with a maintained yard and one that’s not maintained is dramatic, highlighting that small yard maintenance tasks can make a big difference in protecting your property.

How do I make my property FireSmart?

  • Clean your gutters in early spring and early fall
  • Trim trees to a 2 meter clearance between bottom branches and the ground
  • Use crushed rock around your house instead of mulch
  • Plant deciduous trees like Aspen and Poplar
  • Plant trees 3-5 meters apart
  • Separate wood fencing from your house using metal or composite gates

For more information check out FireSmart Canada’s Guide to Landscaping

This video shows how certain aspects of conventional home construction put structures at risk during wildfire impingement. If you’re building or renovating there are guidelines you can follow to help ensure your structures and property are better protected. Property owners can also be eligible for insurance incentives once they have incorporated a certain number of FireSmart design principles. For more information, visit the FireSmart Canada website.