Fire Ban Now in Effect

Please be advised that effective April 22, 2020 Athabasca County has issued the following FIRE BAN:

In consideration of the Fire Ban in the Forest Protection Area, and in order to preserve emergency resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, Athabasca County is issuing a FIRE BAN effective immediately.

The Fire Ban prohibits any open fires which includes all recreational fires on private and public lands, burn barrels, fireworks and exploding targets, and charcoal briquette barbeques.

All existing fire permits are suspended, or cancelled, and any fires presently burning must be extinguished.  Anyone who has conducted open burning during the winter is reminded to check their burn site to ensure piles are completely extinguished to reduce the risk of a spring holdover fire.

No new permits will be issued.  Requests for essential agricultural burning will be considered by contacting the County office.

Propane or natural gas-powered appliances for cooking and warming purposes are permitted.

At this time, Athabasca County has not implemented a restriction on OHV use but everyone is urged to use caution when working or driving in grassy areas and to be mindful of debris collecting on hot exhaust which could result in the ignition of a fire.

You may view the status of all Fire Bans within the province at