The Athabasca Family Centre

The Athabasca Family Centre provides a welcoming space for caregivers to interact with their children and other caregivers and children.  The Centre is open to all families with children 0 to 18 years of age and has flexible hours to allow for daytime, evening and weekend programming to increase access.

Activities and programs are offered in the main centre in the Athabasca County FCSS Building (group meeting room/indoor & outdoor play/activity areas), with some activities also being provided through outreach to the outlying communities of Boyle, Rochester and Grassland.

Working together to nurture children’s development by engaging,

supporting, and educating families within their communities.



Do programs cost anything?

No, all programs are FREE.

What programs does the Family Centre offer?

We offer a variety of programs to increase social connections and support, caregiver capacity building and child development & well-being.  Activities and programs are available in person and online.

Click on the calendar link below to see our programming schedule or visit us on our Facebook page.