False Alarms: Silencing the Panel is Not Enough

False alarms are not only a drain on resources and personnel but they can take personnel away from a real emergency.

Should your alarm system go off when there is no emergency, remember that turning off or silencing the system at the control panel only stops the alarm from going off at your property. A chain of events has already been set in motion.

Police, fire, or ambulance have been notified and may already be on their way to your location. Remember that Police, Fire and EMS must treat all alarm calls as a genuine emergency until proven otherwise.

Any time an emergency response vehicle is travelling with lights and sirens there is an element of risk to the responders and the public.

In most cases, after silencing the alarm panel, you must call your alarm company to advise them that you have had a false alarm.

The alarm company will then contact first responders through appropriate channels to advise them of the need to cancel the alarm.

By doing your part to reduce false alarm calls you are helping reduce the burden on our first responders and focusing their efforts where they need to be!