County purchases hangar at regional airport

April 22, 2014 – The acquisition of a hangar building at the Athabasca Regional Airport will provide the County with interim storage options.

The hangar formerly owned by Alberta Central Airways will be used by the County to store airport maintenance equipment right at the facility improving the efficiency of airport maintenance operations. In addition to storing the airport maintenance equipment, the hangar will also be used to store large and small mowing equipment, as well as other County assets.

As a result of the purchase, the County is able to postpone the construction of a new storage building planned for the Public Works Department yard while providing a use for the hangar at the airport.

“Ownership of the hangar will provide office space and a central location for seasonal staff to operate out of during the summer months,” says Brian Adamkewicz, Director Infrastructure Services. “It will also help protect the service life of the equipment because much of our equipment is stored outside in the winter.”

As the region continues to grow it is anticipated the hangar will again be used by an aviation related business and the County will move forward with its plan to construct a storage facility of its own.

The purchase of the hangar was approved at the February 24, 2014 public works meeting. The County officially took ownership of it on March 10, 2014.