Colinton Bridge Update

County Council approved a motion to select the 2024 budget year to begin work on the removal and bank stabilization of the Colinton bridge. This will ensure that the work has been completed prior to the start of the bridge replacement project. The decision for the 2024 budget year was made due to the Restricted Activity Period extending from September 16th to July 15th. This period restricts work from being done in waterways during the colder months. The target for the removal of the bridge will be July 30th, 2024.

An application for STIP funding has been prepared and is ready for submission once the application window opens in November 2023. To expedite project readiness, the County has proactively allocated funds for preliminary engineering and design, ensuring that the project is shovel-ready once funding is secured.

The County’s infrastructure department has outlined a proposed course of action for the start of 2024. The proposed actions would see the existing bridge structure be methodically removed, debris cleared, and the riverbank be stabilized. This proactive approach not only accelerates the construction timeline for the new bridge but also lays the groundwork for long-term stability should the existing bridge be deemed permanently closed. The removal of the old bridge would be required even if no new structure were to be erected. When a new bridge is funded, the contractor will be working in a pristine site, reducing construction costs.

A Request for Quotes on the removal of the existing bridge structure will be brought to Council at the next Budget and Finance meeting.