Business Normalization & Resiliency Task Force

As the COVID 19 crisis eventually dissipates, the journey to business and economic recovery is only just starting.

The recently created 16 member Athabasca Region Business Normalization and Resiliency Task Force has been established to work with entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profit institutions, academia, volunteer groups, and Government of Alberta advisors across the Athabasca region.

One of the Task Force’s main tasks is to develop a Back-to-Business Strategy and Recovery Road Map tailored to the needs of our community.

Having an understanding of the changes that have impacted, and continue to disrupt, the current marketplace in the Athabasca Region, will help to pinpoint emergent priorities and enable the development of a tactical action plan.

The expected outcomes include:

  • a clearer understanding of new regional opportunities and strengths
  • alternative business operations scenarios
  • shifts in consumer and supplier chain behaviours and industry trends
  • the strengthening of the capacity of every organization in our region to move forward confidently towards optimal recovery


The Task Force is conducting a survey of businesses in the region to determine their current status as the province begins to reopen its economy. The survey is being shared online, and through Task Force members visiting local business owners. There are many challenges ahead and participation in the survey will provide important information to develop the Back-to-Business Strategy.


For more information about business recovery programs for business contact:

Contact Luke Pantin