Become a Member At Large – Assessment Review Board

Athabasca County is seeking members of the community to serve as Members At Large. Position descriptions and general information about the positions are as follows:


Assessment Review Board (Four) Members – 3-Year Term

  • Four County residents to serve as Members at Large on the Assessment Review Board for a 3-year term, ending October 2024.
  • The purpose of the Board is to hear complaints against local property assessments.
  • Mandatory training is required (7, 3-hour online sessions).
  • The Board meets as required.


Members of the above-mentioned Boards will be eligible for a meeting honoraria and travel expenses, as set by County Policy.


Application deadline for the above positions is January 19, 2022. Submit written applications to:


Submit written applications to:

Leah Blair, Executive Secretary

Athabasca County

3602-48 Ave., Athabasca, AB T9S 1M8

780-675-2273  |