Athabasca Regional Multiplex Completes Energy, GHG, & Cost Saving LED Lighting Upgrade

On October 14th, 2022, the interior and exterior lighting upgrade at the Athabasca Regional Multiplex (ARM) was completed. Old inefficient T8 fluorescent interior lights were upgraded to new high efficiency LEDs in the original building spaces, while inefficient high-powered metal halide exterior fixtures were upgraded to low powered high efficiency LED fixtures on the exterior of the building and in the parking lot.

The upgrades will reduce energy costs and lower CO2 emissions, as well as improve the lighting quality in the facility.

The installation was made possible thanks to a rebate grant provided by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s (MCCAC) Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) program. The program provides grants to municipalities for implementing energy-saving projects in recreation facilities.

The upgrade is expected to reduce electricity consumption by 179,836 kWh/year as well as power demand by 74 kW. That’s an estimated annual cost savings of $22,120, providing the project a simple payback of only 1.5 years after the MCCAC REC rebate. As a result, the facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 102 tCO2e annually, or 1,706 tCO2e over the life of the lighting. Helping the ARM to meaningfully reduce its CO2 emissions.

Athabasca Mayor, and ARM Society (ARMS) board member, Robert Balay says the ARMS is always looking for ways to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions to keep user costs down and help protect the environment.

“Reducing the energy consumption of lighting is a low-hanging fruit with a quick payback for The Athabasca Regional Multiplex having a large positive impact on energy costs, lighting quality, and GHG emissions,” says Balay. “That’s great for Town and County residents and facility users. Additionally, the Multiplex saved 75% on the cost of the project thanks to the MCCAC REC rebate!”

Municipal Energy Manager Kevin Jacobs is proud to be involved with this cost and energy-saving project and is thrilled that the ARMS, County, and Town decided to move forward with it.

“After salaries, a recreation facility’s biggest operational cost is energy. The lighting upgrade will save on energy, carbon, and distribution costs for many years to come as the life expectancy for this project is 17 years. This is a high-value upgrade that has multiple benefits, including energy cost savings, GHG reductions, and improved lighting quality for facility users.”