Athabasca Flood Study – Public Engagement

The Government of Alberta’s Athabasca Flood Hazard Study is entering the Public Engagement phase. The study started in spring 2019 and technical work on all components is now complete. 

Public feedback is now being sought on major study components as part of the study finalization process, including flood inundation maps that support local emergency response. New flood studies produced under the province’s Flood Hazard Identification Program include maps for as many as thirteen flood scenarios, from a small one-in-two year flood (which has a 50 per cent chance of happening in any given year) to an extreme one-in-1000 year flood (which only has a 0.1 per cent chance of happening in any given year).

The Athabasca Flood Hazard Study is being completed under the provincial Flood Hazard Identification Program, the goals of which include enhancement of public safety and reduction of future flood damages through the identification of river and flood hazards. The provincial study was co-funded through the federal National Disaster Mitigation Program.

The Government of Alberta is planning future municipal review and public engagement opportunities for other study components, including flood hazard maps used to inform long-term planning, and will provide an update when more information becomes available.


Participate in the engagement process and submit feedback by Friday, January 15, 2021 at 4:30 pm.



Flood Study Contact Information:

Julia Frohlich  |  403-355-2494  |



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