Athabasca County, Town of Athabasca, & Village of Boyle Celebrate ALPAC’s 30th Anniversary

Athabasca County, the Town of Athabasca, and the Village of Boyle congratulate Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc (ALPAC) and team members on their 30th anniversary. ALPAC and team members contributions to the region in the past 30 years have been invaluable and continue to make the three municipalities a great place to live, work, and play.

ALPAC has been a major employer in the region. The regional economy thrives thanks to the contributions that ALPAC has made, and through the regular community support that they provide.

In recognition of this milestone, celebratory signs will be erected on Highway 55 at the access road to the ALPAC site, on Highway 55 on the curve at TWP road 674, and on Highway 63 at TWP road 685. In addition, community firepits will be installed in the Town of Athabasca riverfront and in the Village of Boyle.



“The community is proud to be the home to ALPAC, who have been great corporate citizens supporting the community over the 30 years through employment opportunities and funding support to local community groups and initiatives.”

Pat Vincent, Interim Chief Administrative Officer for Athabasca County


“I would like to congratulate ALPAC on their 30-year milestone. In addition to being one of our anchor employers in the region, they have also been a strong corporate supporter of the community. They have helped sponsor significant projects, such as the construction of the Multiplex and the Aquatic Center, as well as numerous smaller community initiatives. They have consistently offered their support whenever asked. Our community looks forward to continuing to work with ALPAC for the next 30 years. Thank you and congratulations for playing such an important role in the development of our entire region.”

Robert Balay, Mayor of the Town of Athabasca


“We’re proud to have an innovative industry leader in our region and to be home to the many people who are part of the ALPAC team.  For over 30 years ALPAC has been an important part of the local economy and success of the region. We congratulate ALPAC for 30 years of operations in the region and look forward to many more years of partnership.”

Brian Hall, Reeve of Athabasca County