Agroclimate Impact Reporting Program

With the extreme weather conditions in recent years that affect the agriculture sector, information from agriculture producers helps Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada monitor conditions and plan for future programs and policies.

Agroclimate Impact Reporter (AIR) is a network that is an ever-growing database of agroclimatic impacts, which enables data analysis to help identify trends and irregularities. Athabasca County agriculture producers can supply local information to AIR’s database by becoming a contributor to the AIR survey.

The AIR survey is open during the last week of the month over the growing season (April to October). It is intended to collect weather and climate impacts on farm operations across Canada over the previous month. Survey results are made into maps and published on the Drought Watch website the first week of every month during the growing season.

Visit the AIR website to learn more about their database and subscribe to the mailing list.