2024 Vegetation Control Program to Begin

Please be advised that the herbicide vegetation control program for Athabasca County will begin early June 2024 and will continue until about September 1, 2024.  The objective of the program is to control unwanted weeds, brush and trees in County right-of-ways.  The County does not use herbicides within 30 meters on either side of a farmstead or residential parcel; herbicide is not used adjacent to shelterbelts or sensitive crops – canola, potatoes, alfalfa, clover, and peas – if the wind conditions are not favorable. Herbicides are not utilized for vegetation management alongside greenhouse operations, tree nurseries or gardens, or within 30 meters of a water body.

Athabasca County has a “no-spray” policy for landowners which allow residents to opt out of the roadside spray program.  To be eligible for the spray exemption, landowners must enter into an annual agreement with the County, this year by June 7, 2024.  There is a one-time $100.00 application fee which provides the applicant with two “Restricted Herbicide Use Area” placards that shall be posted at each end of the parcel of property requested to be designated a restricted herbicide use area.  Additional or replacement placards are available at a cost of $20 a set (2 signs).  It is the responsibility of the landowner/occupant to ensure the signs are visible and well maintained.

The agreement can be picked up and returned at the Athabasca County Office, or downloaded using the attached link.


Questions? Please contact:

Agriculture Service Department

(780) 675-2273