2023 Pioneer Farm Woman of the Year


Violet Bandola was raised on a farm in New Pine Creek. Her father was a school taker, leaving Violet with the responsibility of keeping the wood in the stove & the school heated. After finishing school she worked at Craswell’s Store & Post Office, the Post Office in Atmore & Mackie’s General store.

Violet is the Mother of 5 children, 10 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren.


Violet raised chickens, milk cows, beef cattle & pigs. She was capable of hauling 5 gal. pails of animal feed & water to the animals.

Violet is still avid at canning fruits, veggies and pickling garden produce.

She is still involved in farming operations, taking meals to the fields, and transporting workers from field to field. Its not uncommon to have 5-6 worker vehicles at mealtimes.


Violet is a volunteer with the New Pine Creek Community Club and is a church board member. She is an active member of the Perryvale Community Club & Ladies Club. She is a supporter of the Colinton & Westlock curling clubs.

Violet is one of the first to welcome newcomers to the community with food & invites to her farm. She assists with food prep & setup at funerals and community events. She is an active member of bingo; selling tickets and helping with clean up.

She supports her children & grandchildren in 4-H, hockey, ball & other activities.


Violet is always willing to share whatever she has with family, friends & those in need. With her Ukrainian heritage, she is always serving coffee, a meal & sweets to everyone. She ensures newcomers are welcomed in the Community. She is loving and nurturing to all people.

Violet always listens tentatively to others worries or concerns, giving thoughtful advice and support.