2021 Modern Farm Woman of the Year


Candice Gislason operates a third-generation family farm in the Richmond Park area. While she previously worked in a professional office setting, she returned to the family farm to assist her parents and raise her two sons. Candice manages the day-to-day operations including assisting with growing cattle and grain operation, so she is busy every season of the year. She is committed to the farm, community, family and friends.


Candace operates, maintains, and repairs equipment to support grain and cattle operations. Always looking to the future, she purchased three quarters that were lands owned by her maternal grandparents to support the farm.

Candice maintains a large home garden and has demonstrated the value of work and chores for her sons to follow.


Despite the hours dedicated to the family farm, Candice finds time to be an active member of the Richmond Park Community Hall Association. She has been involved in planning social and special events, such as annual Christmas parties, Halloween nights, and movie nights. Through her ability to balance farm, family and community commitments, Candice has demonstrated to other women that it is possible to tackle challenges and succeed.

Candice has involved her sons in volunteerism duties and taught them that bringing dreams to fruition requires hard work and sacrifices. She shares her love of her community with her sons by enjoying outdoor recreational activities on land, lake and river.


Nominator Sara Graling describes Candice as hard-working, honest, intelligent and a confident leader who puts considerable effort into maintaining the house and yard that was established by her grandparents. In Sara’s words, “resiliency in action!”