2020 Crack Sealing Program

Athabasca County will be crack sealing all County maintained paved surfaces beginning September 14, 2020, and continuing over the next two weeks.


The work areas include roads within hamlets and subdivisions, as well as connector roads:

  • Hwy 55 & 63 Connectors
  • Baptiste Lake Drive
  • Hamlets of Atmore, Caslan, Colinton, Grassland, Rochester, Wandering River
  • Airport Road
  • Century Estate – McNabb Estates
  • South Athabasca Road – Aspen Ridge – Athabaskan
  • Pine Grove Estates
  • Skeleton Narrows
  • Blue Heron
  • White Gull – Pac Beach
  • Amisk Lake Estates
  • Lyall Estates
  • Meanook
  • Golden Nodding
  • Whispering Hills Road

Where applicable, please remove any vehicles from the street when cracks sealing crews are within your community. Watch for directional signage, follow the instructions of all flag people, and slow down in work areas.


If you have any questions about crack sealing program please contact:

Athabasca County Infrastructure Services

780-675-2273  |  1-844-662-2273  |  info@athabascacounty.com