Council Holds 2019 Organizational Meeting

Members of Athabasca County Council met in Council Chambers for the County’s Organizational Meeting. The meeting is held annually to elect a Reeve and Deputy Reeve, as well as make a number of appointments to boards, committees and commissions. It also offers a chance for Councillors to express interest in new positions, or keep the same involvements as the previous year.

Reeve and Deputy Reeve


Larry Armfelt – Reeve – Acclaimed

Travais Johnson – Deputy Reeve – Acclaimed

Boards, Commissions and Committees

Council also discussed their positions on various County Committees and Boards. The outcome of that discussion is as follows:

Public Works Committee

Chair – Kevin Haines  | Vice Chair – Travais Johnson

Agricultural Services Board

Chair – Penny Stewart  |  Vice Chair – Warren Griffin

Budget and Finance Committee

Chair – Travais Johnson  |  Vice Chair – Warren Griffin

Policy Review Committee

Chair – Dennis Willcott  |  Vice Chair – Christi Bilsky

Municipal Planning Commission

Chair – Dwayne Rawson  |  Vice Chair – Doris Splane

Tourism & Economic Development

Members – Doris Splane, Travais Johnson, Dwaye Rawson, Warren Griffin, Penny Stewart (Alternate)

Airport Committee

Members – Christi Bilsky, Travais Johnson, Dwayne Rawson, Kevin Haines (Alternate)


To view all other appointments please click on the button below to be redirected to the Committee Listing.