2017 Modern Farm Woman of the Year


Recognized by many for her contributions to family and community, Carmen Ewasiw continues to make meaningful contributions to them and her farming operation.

Carmen’s connection to rural life and working on a farm started at an early age. She was guided by her Grandma Flo and Mom Cheryl from who she learned, experienced, appreciated and respected all aspects of farm life.

Involvement in the Family Farm

Up most mornings by 6 am, chores included looking after a flock of 150 sheep plus goats, cattle, horses and exotic birds. It was this experience that gave her an interest in the care of animals which provided the amazing knowledge she has for animal health including vaccinations, trimming hooves, and assisting many a-mother to bring their babies into the world and become part of their farm.

Operating machinery is second nature to her as well. She does much of the winter feeding herself and cleans pens with the tractor. She can also load cattle or sheep on a stock trailer and be on the road in no time to the local auction or destinations in southern Alberta. Swathing, combining, baling, hauling grain – she operates most every machine on the farm.

And when things break down, she often has the problem diagnosed, the part taken off, a new part purchased, and has the machine up and running before the men are home from work. She also fixes farm buildings, helps cut wood with a chain saw, and even fixes problems with septic tanks when necessary.

Carmen started riding horses at a very young age competing in many competitions which saw her awarded for her skills. Although she is a very busy mother, wife and farmer, she still enjoys an evening ride on a country trail with her beautiful mare. She also works with her horse to check fences and herd cattle.

Contribution to Community

As a Rochester School, Playschool Teacher her love for children shines through when she interacts with them. Honest and straight-to-the-point, Carmen has also become a trusted resource for youth when they have a problem, feel alone or need to talk. A woman of action, she believes that if you don’t like something, do something about it instead of just complaining.

She has also been very involved in her children’s sports activities, their school activities and projects. Although busy, she takes her kids to their games and scarcely misses watching any.

Personal Effort Made

Carmen takes pride in caring for her family including preparing delicious meals, canning and hosting big family gatherings at their welcoming home. She also teaches her three children the importance of working hard and about the responsibility of helping with farm and house chores. They know they need to earn a fishing trip, or holiday, and not just expect it.

She has known great sadness having lost her mother in a farm accident. Through this difficult time she provided her family and father with strength and courage. Soon after, her Grandma Flo and a beloved aunt she was so close with both passed away. Even though she was hurting so badly herself, she continued to look after the needs of others.

Her family feels blessed to have Carmen in their lives and is proud to see her recognized for her outstanding efforts.