Water & Sewer Service Rate Changes

Effective September 1, 2022, Athabasca County utility rates will be increasing.

The minimum consumption charge will decrease to 12m3 for both residential and commercial water usage.

The sewer charge will decrease to 20% of the actual monthly water billing in Colinton, Grassland and Wandering River.

The monthly minimum water charge (up to 12m3) in Grassland, Wandering River, and rural subdivisions will increase to $96.00 per month and the monthly minimum water Charge in Colinton will increase to $76.67 per month.

Water usage fees above the monthly minimum consumption amount will increase to $8.00 per m3.

Consumption charges at potable water truck fill stations in all hamlets will increase to $8.00/m3.

Rochester residential and commercial sewer charges will remain the same.

For further information or clarification, please contact our Administration Office by telephone at 780-675-2273 or by email at info@athabascacounty.com.