Tree Seedling Sale 2020

Athabasca County is offering tree seedlings on a pre-order and pre-pay basis to be delivered in 2020. There are 9 species of trees being offered to residents of Athabasca County. The quantities and prices per bundle vary so please consult the order sheet to confirm this information. 

PLEASE NOTE:  As of January 27, 2020 there are only limited quantities of Dwarf Birch seedlings left to order.

Order Details

  • Only residents of Athabasca County can place an order for trees as part of this program.
  • Payment is due when the order is placed. Payment is accepted by phone (credit card only) or in person at The County Office (cash, debit, cheque, or credit card).
  • Trees will not be held and are sold in bundles of either 5 or 3 as indicated, no exceptions.
  • To avoid disappointment, order early as some varieties have very limited numbers available.


Tree Options

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Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • A very popular farm yard tree, perfect for tree climbing!
  • Grows very quickly in its early years.
  • Its unique umbrella canopy shape makes it a nice accent tree on its own. It also looks impressive when planted in a row.
  • Can tolerate poor soil conditions (salt tolerant).
  • Tall tree at maturity.
  • Max height: 30m (98ft), spread 15m (50ft).
  • Seedling height: 15-80 cm (6-31.5″)
  • Price: $3/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $15


Description: (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • A beautiful accent tree. Its leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall.
  • These maples can tolerate both dry and wet conditions, clay or loamy soil and is also very cold tolerant. It is a hardy tree!
  • It is a shorter tree at maturity so it is ideal for smaller yards or for planting under powerlines.
  • Max height: 6m (20ft), spread 5m (16ft)
  • Seedling size: 14-55cm (5-22″)
  • Price: $5.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $16.50.

Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • An excellent shelterbelt tree as well as a yard tree if you have enough space for it.
  • Grows very quickly, under ideal conditions it can grow over 6 feet per year.
  • Its yellow stems add color to the landscape, breaking up the white in winter.
  • Can tolerate a variety of soils. It will tolerate some drought but grows best in areas where the soil is moist most of the time.
  • Max height: 15m (49ft), spread 15m (49ft).
  • Seedling height:  22-40cm (9-17″)
  • Price: $2.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $12.50

Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • The Villosa lilac is a late bloomer (mid-late June) compared to other lilac varieties.
  • Its flowers are a beautiful pale purple colour.
  • Establishes and grows very quickly.
  • Very drought tolerant but will not do well in wet areas. It is also salt tolerant.
  • Does not sucker like other lilac varieties.
  • A popular hedge species, it is an excellent choice for the outside row of a shelterbelt both in fields or in your yard.
  • Max height: 5m (16ft), spread 3m (10ft)
  • Seedling size: 15-30cm (6-12”)
  • Price: $3/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $15

Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • The Juliette cherry is the sweetest of the dwarf sour cherry varieties.
  • It is a vigorous producer and its fruit is great for fresh eating, cooking, baking, preserves, drying, and canning.
  • It does self-pollinate but will produce more fruit with another tree nearby.
  • Prefers rich, well drained soils. Needs full sun.
  • Max height:  2.0m (7 ft), spread: 1.8m (6 ft)
  • Seedling height:  15-30cm (6-12″)
  • Price: $10/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $30


Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • Extremely hardy and long lived native tree.
  • An excellent shelterbelt tree, or a tree to plant for a privacy screen, it will grow in a variety of soil conditions and requires very little maintenance.
  • Will grow in shaded locations.
  • Is salt intolerant and will not grow well in constantly wet areas.
  • Max height:  40m (130ft), spread: 6m (20ft)
  • Seedling height:  12-27cm (5-11″)
  • Price: $1/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $5

Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • This variety of pine makes a good shelterbelt tree as well as an accent tree.
  • Has distinctive orange, flaky bark when mature.
  • It is very cold hardy and long lived. Grows faster then a spruce tree.
  • Prefers dryer soil, will not tolerate undrained sites.
  • Max height: 15m (49ft), spread 5m (15ft)
  • Seedling size: 10-30cm (4-12″)
  • Price: $1/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $5

Description:  (SORRY SOLD OUT)

  • This tree is an unusual conifer. It loses its soft needles in the fall after its beautiful yellow color stage.
  • Can tolerate saturated soils as well as drier sites.
  • It is very cold tolerant.
  • Prefers full sunlight.
  • Works very well as both an ornamental and shelterbelt tree.
  • Max height: 20m (66 ft), spread 8m (25 ft)
  • Seedling size: at least 15cm tall (5.9”)
  • Price: $1/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $5


  • A native shrub, this plant is very cold hardy.
  • Multi-stemmed and compact, it creates a rounded form when mature.
  • Develops red and yellow foliage in the fall.
  • It is very adaptable to a variety of soil types. It thrives in moist conditions.
  • Its buds and catkins are a favorite food of local wild birds, especially ruffed grouse.
  • Max height: 1m (3ft), spread 1.2m (4ft)
  • Seedling size: at least 10cm tall (4″)
  • Price: $1.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $7.50

Picking Up Your Order

The pick-up date for the tree seedlings will be communicated with you as early as possible. Please make every effort to pick up your trees that day as staff will not be responsible for looking after them after distribution day has passed and tree health may suffer because of that. Alternate arrangements for relatives, friends or neighbours to pick up your trees is encouraged if you cannot pick up on the designated day. Tree orders not picked up three business days after distribution day may be dispersed at Athabasca County’s discretion if no alternate arrangements are made ahead of time and no refunds will be given.

Please Note:

Trees are inspected during packaging to ensure they are alive and in excellent condition. Once they leave our care we cannot attest to what level of upkeep they are given, therefore no refunds will be given on any tree orders after tree distribution day.