Surface Rights Board: Resolving Lease Issues

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(Image courtesy of the Alberta Surface Rights Board website

If you need assistance receiving payments from a Compensation Order, Right of Entry Order, or Surface Lease, help is available. 

The Surface Rights Board (SRB) is a quasi-judicial tribunal that grants right of entry and assists landowners/occupants and operators resolve disputes about compensation when operators require access to private land, or occupied crown land to develop subsurface resources such as oil, gas, and coal or to build and operate pipelines and power transmission lines.

The SRB has the authority to assist landowners/occupants and operators resolve disputes for damage caused outside the area it has been granted, for damage to livestock or personal property caused by the operator.

The mission of the SRB is to provide accessible processes, delivering timely and fair dispute resolution processes within its legislated mandate. When the SRB does become involved, most times an agreement can be attained through a guided discussion between the landowner and operation. When that is not possible, a hearing can be convened.

Application Form

If you are making a first-time application for compensation from the Surface Rights Board, you can view the application form by clicking on the link below. It includes instructions and when complete it provides important information for the SRB to consider with your application. One application per surface lease agreement or board order is required. The application forms are also available from the Athabasca Country Admin Office by asking for one at reception.


Find Out More

Information about recovery of rentals, resolving disputes, the application process, and other resources can be found by visiting the SRB website by clicking on the link below.