Speaker: Minister of Economic Development & Trade

Your Invitation to Attend

After the introduction of Alberta’s 2018 Budget in March, Athabasca County’s Tourism & Economic Development Committee is pleased to invite you to join us for an important discussion with Alberta’s Economic Development and Trade Minister the Honourable Deron Bilous.

Alberta’s economy is beginning to rebound, growing faster than anywhere in the country. With nearly 90,000 new jobs created over the past year.

The Minister will provide an update on the government’s fight for pipelines, fair trade agreements, support for businesses and building an economy for the future.

About the Minister

Born and raised in Edmonton, Deron Bilous knows the incredible contribution Alberta workers have made to our province and our country.  Growing-up in a proudly Ukrainian home he also appreciates the strength and beauty of our province’s diversity.

Between 1995 and 2005, Mr. Bilous worked in Quebec, Tunisia and China on a number of projects with Canada World Youth, a volunteer youth program focusing on international development.

After graduating from the University of Alberta with an education degree in 2001, he taught and mentored students at Edmonton’s Inner City High School, where he learned to see potential where others might see hardship.  He also began working in neighbourhood and community development.

The voters of Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview first elected him as their Member of the Legislative Assembly on April 23, 2012, and again on May 5, 2015.

A dedicated champion for Alberta workers and Alberta business, Deron Bilous was sworn in as Minister of Economic Development and Trade on October 22, 2015. Prior to this, he served as Minister of Municipal Affairs and as Minister of Service Alberta.