Open Houses – LUB & MDP

Athabasca County is working towards updating the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP) to more closely meet the needs of development today. Part of the process for developing new bylaws is giving members of the public an opportunity to provide input on them before they are adopted.

The following open houses will provide an opportunity to discuss the initial drafts of the LUB and MDP:

Meeting #1

Mon, March ??

6:30 pm  to 8:30 pm

Athabasca Regional Multiplex   

Meeting #2

Tues, March ??

6:30 pm  to 8:30 pm

Breynat Community Hall   

Meeting #3

Wed, March ??

6:30 pm  to 8:30 pm

Boyle Community Hall

Meeting #4

Thurs, March ??

6:30 pm  to 8:30 pm

Rochester Community Hall

Input from the public is being gathered at the Open Houses to provide Council time to consider this input before the first reading of the two bylaws takes place. They are an opportunity to ask questions and hear a presentation about the contents of the newly revised bylaws.

Review Draft Bylaws

Draft versions of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) are being made available in advance of the meeting in order to give members of the public time to review them. Please click on either of the links below to be redirected to the documents.

Municipal Development Plan

    VIEW DRAFT     

Land Use Bylaw

     VIEW DRAFT     

Paper copies of the bylaws are available from:

Athabasca County Administration Office 3602 – 48th Avenue, Athabasca, Alberta 780-675-2273 |  1-844-662-2273

For additional information contact:

Shirley Moerman

Planning and Economic Development, Athabasca County | 780-675-2273

Lyndsay Francis

Municipal Planning Services | 780-486-1991