Change to Safety Permits Application Process

Athabasca County’s Planning and Development Department is changing the way Safety Permits are administered in the new year.

As of January 1, 2019, Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA) will be overseeing safety and compliance monitoring (permitting and inspections) within Athabasca County.

The change follows an evaluation by the County of its accreditation under the Alberta Safety Codes Act. As a result, Athabasca County will no longer be issuing building, electrical, gas, plumbing or private sewage disposal system permits.

Safety Codes are provincial regulations, and by having the province take back responsibility and liability, it enables the County to focus on customer service, processes and working with developers in terms of communication and follow up.

After December 31, 2018 all Safety Code Permits can be applied for from the following agencies that provide this service in Athabasca County.

The Inspections Group | 1-866-554-5048

Superior Safety Codes Inc. | 1-866-999-4777

Canadian Safety Consulting Services | 1-877-780-7233
* Building Permits Only

“ASCA will work closely with your chosen agency to provide those developing new and existing properties with accountability and protection,” says Shirley Moerman, Director of Planning and Development. “Planning and Development staff are also available to assist anyone applying for safety code permits during this transition period.”

The decision was made by Athabasca County Council at the September 25, 2018, Regular Council Meeting. The safety permits system will be evaluated for effectiveness in one year.