The Parent Link Centre

Parent Link Centres are all about connecting parents to parents and the resources in their community. We serve all parents and caregivers who need support, information, training, or programs to improve their parenting skills and provide children with a good start in life.  The Parent Link Centre includes a group meeting room and indoor and outdoor play/activity areas. They are all safe places for you and your child to gather with others to learn and spend time together.

Working together to nurture children’s development by engaging,

supporting, and educating families within their communities.


Parenting has a powerful impact on children’s learning and behavior. Positive parent-child relationships support the development of healthy, responsible and happy children. Athabasca Parent Link works together with the Early Childhood Development Program to provide services.

Programs available to support parents and families or for children and to provide social interaction. Athabasca County is part of a provincial network of Parent Link Centres that provide parents and caregivers with free resources and support. Their goal is to develop nurturing environments to support early childhood development. Enjoy playtime with your children and socialize with other parents/caregivers.

The environment provided by parents and other caregivers during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood is crucial to laying a good foundation for later development. Comprehensive, community-based parent support programs can have a positive, long-term effect on a child’s development. Children come first in all Parent Link program services and activities!

Do Parent Link programs cost anything?

Parent Link programs are FREE, except when partnered with other agencies or businesses.

What does Parent Link do?

Parenting Classes-Triple P, Family Support, and Early Learning.

Is the Parent Link Program connected to Children Services?

No, Parent Link is voluntary and everyone is welcome.

What programs does Parent Link offer?

We offer many activities for families and children such as Drop In, Craft Time, Tiny Chef, Families Together, Salsa Tots, Ready, Set, Kindergarten, Partners in Time and Play and Say. Other programs and services include; parent education, Active Parenting, Triple P Parenting and developmental screens.

The Athabasca Parent Link Centre is located in the Family Resource Centre at FCSS. This centre includes a group meeting area and play/activity area.