County seeks conclusion to legal matter

Athabasca County will be attending court on April 8, 2019 as the result of an Environment Canada investigation that was initiated following a 2017 capital road construction project along Township Road 632 adjacent to the Meanook National Wildlife Area.

A search warrant was executed by Environment Canada officials on February 15, 2018, an investigation undertaken over the last year, and charges levied against the County on March 12, 2019.

Athabasca County has, and will continue to cooperate to bring this matter to conclusion and has worked over the last year to satisfy all remediation requirements for the affected area. The road construction project was an investment in road safety for the benefit of the travelling public and improved drainage to prevent historical road flooding, as well as contouring to improve sight lines.

This continues to be an ongoing legal matter and we are unable to offer further comment on any specifics of this matter.