County provides support during wildfires

Athabasca, Alberta – Athabasca County is assisting in efforts to support those displaced by wildfires.

On Thursday, May 30th Director of Emergency Services Ron Jackson and FCSS Athabasca Manager Deb Wood travelled to Calling Lake to visit with MD of Opportunity officials operating a reception centre for evacuees.

After the visit, and responding to a request for assistance, Athabasca County staff and FCSS Staff assisted by organizing and transporting supplies to Calling Lake (diapers, medicine, food and other consumables).

Athabasca County FCSS staff also travelled to Calling Lake to assist at a reception centre for evacuees by spelling off staff who have been working long hours. The reception centre helps register evacuees, locate a place of accommodation, and provide information to people as they make their way to other parts of the province.

FCSS staff coordinated the delivery of 130 pizzas to Calling Lake for supper, an effort that was made possible through the cooperation of local businesses. It provided a bit of rest for community members who have been operating a kitchen there.

“We are in continual communication with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and officials in Calling Lake and will continue to assist in any way we can while our northern neighbours continue to be displaced from their homes,” says Ron Jackson, Athabasca County Director of Emergency Services.

“Many evacuees have already travelled through our region and more will likely do so until it is deemed safe for them to return home.”