County cooperates with Environment officials

February 16, 2018 – The Athabasca County Administration Office was closed on February 15, 2018 to allow officials from the Government of Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Canada – Wildlife Enforcement Directorate to gather information.

As part of their routine investigation process, this federal government agency was conducting a search warrant in relation to a road construction project along Township Road 652 adjacent to the Meanook National Wildlife Area, which is under federal jurisdiction.

The road construction was part of ongoing improvements to municipal roads to upgrade the road base, improve drainage to mitigate historical road flooding and contouring to improve sightlines and overall safety for the travelling public. Athabasca County is alleged to have impacted lands that are part of this wildlife area.

Athabasca County has, and continues to cooperate to provide Directorate officials with any information they require. This is an ongoing legal matter and no further information on specifics of the investigation are being shared at this time.

To the best of Athabasca County’s knowledge the personal information of ratepayers remains untouched and was not part of the information gathered.

Athabasca County apologizes for any inconvenience to residents as the result of this office closure.