Cost Shared Dust Control Program – DEADLINE APRIL 1st

Each year County Council approves a Cost-Shared Dust Control Program for properties adjacent to graveled County roads. Residents may apply to have a spot treatment of dust suppressant applied on the County road in front of their residence approximately 200 meters in length.

Fees to participate

The 2022 fee to participate in the program is $404.25 ($385 + GST). The fee is based on costs from the product supplier and can vary from year to year. No guarantee is implied with regards to the effectiveness of the dust control and the County reserves the right to grade the road if surface conditions require it. The County reserves the right to refuse an application if it is deemed that the roadway has sufficient residual dust control product from previous years.

Who is eligible

Both rural residences and businesses can apply:

  • Rural properties/residences must have a permanent dwelling on them;
  • Eligible businesses must be adjacent to the roadway and be regularly occupied by employees and/or customers.

If you are not eligible for the cost-shared program, or would like to request a length outside of the standard 200 meters, contact the Infrastructure Services Department:

780-675-2273 | 1-844-662-2273 |

Application Deadline

Due to scheduling timelines, all applications and payments must be received in our office prior to the deadline each year in order to be eligible for this program. Applications received after the deadline may be accepted, however an additional fee of $250 will be added to the regular rate. All late applications will be reviewed to determine scheduling. The County has the right to refuse applications after the deadline.

The application deadline is April 1, 2022.

How to Apply 

To apply for the Cost Shared Dust Control Program, you can download and fill out an application form by clicking on the link below. All residents that applied for the program in 2020 &/or 2021, will receive an application form by mail. Only applications that are paid for in full will be accepted.

Paper applications can be accepted by mail or the drop box located at the County Administration Office and must be accompanied with payment by cheque or money order. Applications can also be accepted by email or fax with credit card payment taken over the phone. Email submissions can be sent to


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