UPDATE: Athabasca Regional Airport – Pilot Safety Notice

Airport Returns to Normal Operations 

UPDATE (Wednesday, May 10 – 4 pm) –  As of this afternoon, the work required to return the airport landing lights to normal operations is complete.

The lights have been tested and the NOTAM restricting landings removed.

Our thanks for all airport users for their patience while this work was completed.


ORIGINAL POSTING – (Tuesday, May 9 – 3 pm)

The Athabasca Regional Airport is experiencing an electrical issue that has affected the operation of all runway lights. Pilots using the airport are advised to check NOTAMS for updates as to the return of normal operations.

Pilots will be unable to land during conditions of reduced visibility or darkness. Work to fix the problem is currently underway. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

For more information contact:

Norm De Wet

Airport Administrator

Athabasca County

780-675-2273 | ndewet@athabascacounty.com