Athabasca County Fire Restriction in Effect

In accordance with Athabasca County Fire Services Bylaw 015-2023 section 8, a Fire Control Order (Fire Restriction) is now in effect for lands within Athabasca County located outside the Forest Protection Area.
Favorable conditions, including widespread precipitation, have reduced the risk to an acceptable level to lift the complete ban. A Fire Restriction will remain in place.
Under this Restriction:
• The issuance of new fire permits is prohibited.
• All existing open burning permits are suspended.
• The previous OHV ban has been lifted.
For greater clarity, this Restriction does not include:
• Fires which are contained in Bylaw compliant Fire Pits.
• Fires that are contained in Bylaw compliant Burn Barrels with valid permits.
While conditions have improved, the threat of wildfire is not completely gone. Athabasca County will continue to reassess the risk and may elevate back to a Ban should conditions warrant.
Additionally, all residents and visitors are reminded that under Athabasca County Fire Services Bylaw 015-2023, the use of Fireworks and Exploding Targets is prohibited on public lands year-round.
This Fire Control Order comes into effect at 10 o’clock a.m. on the 7th day of May 2024 and will remain in effect until amended or revoked by the proper authority of Athabasca County.
You may view the status of all fire bans within the province at