Annual Property Assessment Inspections

Re-inspections taking place in certain areas of the County

Assessors from Municipal Assessment Services Group (MASG) will be out conducting annual assessment inspections on behalf of Athabasca County starting early May.

The areas of re-inspection will include the following areas: Township 64 – Range 18 & 19; Township 65 – Range 17 & 18; Township 66 – Range 17 & 18; Township 67 – Range 17 & 18; Township 68 – Range 18.

These locations include some of the lake properties on Skeleton, Amisk, and North Buck Lakes, the hamlets of Grassland, Atmore, and Caslan. The County is re-inspected over a period of time in order to keep property assessment information up to date.

Assessors will also be out this fall until the end of December visiting properties throughout the County where a subdivision has been completed, construction has been started, or is ongoing, or permits issued, as part of their annual assessment work.

Please be aware that assessors will be taking pictures and walking the properties involved, as authorized in the Municipal Government Act. They will not require access into your home or buildings. Assessors will have marked vehicles, and picture ID and will produce it when asked.

For any questions about property assessment or the inspection process please call Ian Ferguson at MASG –