AAMDC scholarship – apply now

Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMDC) Scholarship Program ($1,000)

In recognition of the importance of an educated population to the future well-being of rural communities, the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties have established the AAMDC Scholarship Program.

The AAMDC Scholarship Program encourages young rural Albertans to pursue further education, and thereby enhance their ability to subsequently make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Through the Scholarship Program, the AAMDC provides funding assistance to five rural students each year (one student in each of the five AAMDC geographic districts).

Applicant Eligibility:

• Must be a resident of the municipality.
• Must be registered to commence one of 4 years of study at a recognized post-secondary institution.
• Must be pursuing a course of studies which is of relevance to local government and/or rural communities (explanation of the relevance of their intended study program within their letter of application).

Applications to be received by August 7, 2015. For further details visit AAMDC Website (www.aamdc.com).

All interested persons are invited to apply for the AAMDC Scholarship by forwarding the required information to the following address:

“AAMDC Scholarship Program”
Attention: Cindy Carstairs
2510 Sparrow Drive, Nisku,Alberta T9E 8N5