A Word of Thanks from Athabasca County

There are those among us who continue to keep our communities going during times of uncertainty. 

With this short message we offer our thanks to the many unsung heroes who report to work each day in many roles despite challenges associated with doing so.

Among those most at risk are healthcare workers, first responders, those who work as part of our food chain, and transportation related businesses who continue to go to work each day so we can continue with our daily routines. Our thanks also to the many County staff members who continue to maintain services for our residents and communities.

For all those who are self-isolating, and others who are committed to maintaining a safe distance from others, we offer our gratitude. Stay focused. You are making a difference, and this is truly the most important thing we can all do right now.

With everyone’s cooperation, in working from home where possible, and limiting the size of gatherings, we are all helping to protect the vulnerable among us – the elderly, those living with illnesses, and those relying on us for their daily needs.

If you are experiencing physical or emotional difficulties, please consider reaching out for help from various levels of government and the programs they offer.


Athabasca County Council 

Larry Armfelt, Travais Johnson, Dennis Willcott, Dwayne Rawson,
Doris Splane, Christi Bilsky, Kevin Haines, Penny Stewart, Warren Griffin