2023 Tree Seedling Sale

Athabasca County is offering tree seedlings on a pre-order and pre-pay basis.  Seedlings are delivered in May 2023.  Residents of Athabasca County can order their choice of 16 species of trees, a pollinators package, and hemp squares for weed control.

American Elm

Colorado Blue Spruce

Okanese Hybrid Poplar

Amur Maple

Scots Pine      

Killarney Raspberry

Laurel Leaf Willow     

Siberian Larch

American Mountain Ash

Villosa Lilac    

Sea Buckthorn

Sundancer Poplar

Green Ash

White Spruce 

Saskatoon Berry

Pollinators Package   

Hemp Squares

Honeybee and Boreal Blizzard Haskap

 Visit Tree Seedling Sale 2023 to view tree varieties and ordering information. 

Contact Ag. Services Dept. with questions at (780) 675-6631.