2019 Modern Farm Woman of the Year


Georgina was raised on a farm and after marrying husband Keith purchased their family farm near Perryvale in 2005. Since that time she has continued to provide a rural lifestyle for her two young daughters and two steps sons. She is very involved with the community and activities of her children. She is also involved in all aspects of the mixed farming operation which remains a major source of family income.


Georgina handles the day to day operations of the farm while her husband works off the farm to provide added income. She operates farm machinery, haying equipment, a skid steer, drives truck and trailer to move cattle to market and equipment long distances to various parcels of land.  She also feeds the cattle and provides bedding, cleans corrals, barns, sheds, and moves snow with the skid steer.

She is also integral to the business side of the farm by selling and purchasing cattle, registering stock, keeping animal records and making decisions about finances. The cow-calf pair operation currently has over 50 head and continues to grow.  When it’s calving season, she assists with difficult deliveries, administers medicines, tags and conducts hourly checks. She also assists with butchering animals for family use.

Alongside her husband, Georgina builds fences, corrals, sheds and watering systems to sustain the operation. She also repairs fences, pick rocks, fixes frozen water bowls, move panels, and creates new feeding & pasture areas.

Georgina is described as a fine homemaker, devoted mother & wife. Farm duties continue to move forward while she bakes, gardens, tends to flower beds, and maintains the yard to a high standard.


Despite having a busy farming operation, Georgina finds time to get involved in the community by volunteering in the surrounding communities of Rochester, Perryvale and Colinton.

In Rochester she has organized, coached and participated in junior softball teams at the school. She also picked-up and drove many players to and from games. She continues to volunteer at extra curricular activities and concerts, and always supports and encourages students to do their best, be good team members and have fun.

The school lunch program has also benefited from Georgina’s desire to help others. She initiated, organized and volunteered to create the Rochester School Lunch Program which provides lunches to students 5 days per week. She continues to assist by volunteering every week on Friday and donates to the program.

Helping neighbours and seniors is also part of her contribution to community. She takes time to visit the elderly and sick within nearby communities and helps neighbours with haying, loading chickens, house cleaning, shoveling snow, or babysitting their pets.

With an interest in horses she not only teaches her own kids to care for them but mentors and acts as a positive role model for the Colinton 4-H Club. She is proud to be an involved parent and transports young 4-H members to and from various club activities.

In Perryvale, she volunteers at community functions, makes lunches, cooks, decorates and sells tickets to various events and fund raisers. She does so all while displaying a positive attitude, which helps others get involved because they enjoy spending time with her.


Nominator Gladys Spence describes Georgina as a good neighbour, hard worker, and positive role model for children, neighbours and communities. She maintains loving relationships with both close & extended family members while remaining a proud member of the family farm she helped to develop.

“She battled the cold weather, long nights, frozen water bowls, mud and long work days to become the dedicated, proud, modern farm woman that she is.”